Luna Pilates  

 is currently being taught at the

Lumina Gym in San Juan del Río, Querétaro 

Power Luna in the city of Querétaro and various locations in Mexico

For more information contact us at:

521 427 104 3043 (Internacional)

01 445 427 104 30 43 (México) or 

Certifications scheduled for 

QUERETARO  October 2017

Mexico City    November  2017 

(15 hours in 2 days)  

Luna Pilates

is a combination of Pilates, Aerial dance, Ballet, Physical Therapy excercises and Yoga complimented by a swing designed to aid in deep stretching and extending your range of movement aside from improving balance, proper body alignment, increased upper body strength at the same time it allows you to experience moving in tridimensional space.

​​Luna Pilates Bienestar en columpio



Dancing has always been part of my life; as soon as I could walk on my tippy toes, I was ready to dedicate a lifetime to it. And as rewarding as dancing is, it is also arduous and demanding on your body,  the only way to keep up is to keep every part of your mind and body in perfect shape. With Luna Pilates, I was able to strengthen and stretch to the highest power those parts of my body I did not know how to exercise. Getting certified for Luna Pilates would mean the ability to take my dancing to another level and the bonus of being able to spread and make available this technique that could not only benefit dancers, but the general population.


Samantha Orive 23 yrs. old


Classes and workshops available for  Mexico and United States

(bilingual teachers)


  • Certifications 
  • Master Classes